Hardware Review: Turtle Beach Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ear Force Sentinel Pro Headset

It is a known fact that Turtle Beach makes an expansive array of great gaming accessorie but this is not the case with the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Earforce Sentinel Pro headset because great is not a good enough word for this audio marvel.  Since I have opened the box I have done nothing but talk about how amazing the Sentinel Pro is, especially to friends and colleagues.  To keep from writing a pride and prejudice length column I’ll stick to my personal favorite features amidst a veritable feast of technological goodies.  

The absolute first feature that users will come to love is the way this headset feels. It is fully adjustable to the point of fitting just about anyone’s head with the utmost comfort and the synthetic leather headband filled with memory foam will set itself almost weightlessly on top of your golden skull. The similarly-fashioned earpieces encase your ears in a cocoon of sound that is emitted from Premium 50 mm Speakers. These speakers can handle everything from the high notes of Freddie Mercury in his 1986 appearance at Wembley stadium, down to the opening drum beats and driving Nordic hymns of the Elder Scrolls; Skyrim. Every sound encountered is brought to life in your ears and the noise cancellation design aid in encompassing you in audio bliss.

The Sentinel Pro headset supplements its audio armada with a host of other features that merit notice, most importantly the audio control unit. Turtle Beach took their time designing this and it shows. Right out of the box it features more than 20 presets designed for absolutely everything you will ever need. From gaming, to music, to chat there is a preset for you alongside a few heavily modulated settings for when you want to disguise your voice and have a bit of fun with your teammates.  There is no better way to confuse your teammates in solo queue than by leading off saying hello sounding like satan or an elf trapped in a helium mine. If somehow you can’t seem to find a preset for your needs or you just want to jazz them up a bit, you can make changes or entirely new setups at TurtleBeach.com/presets. The Audio Control unit also provides extensive control over the independent sources of audio that you will eventually encounter in team gaming. Turn up your friends chat audio, turn the game down, and personally balance the amount of your own voice that plays back to you through the earpieces. Turtle beach proves yet again that they are masters of audio with this nifty little control unit.

There are a few more features that I would like to make special note of such as the removable microphone that I love. Its crisp and filters a large amount of ambient noise as well as a built in pop filter that’s come in handy a few times while screaming at the zombies in Left for Dead 2 and bashing them with Gnome Chompkski on our way over the roller coaster. Also included with the Sentinel Pro headset are the cables to connect to literally every next generation console and no matter what system this headset is connected to, it sounds fantastic. The Sentinel Pro headset is designed for the Xbox One but as I said, it excels at everything I have thrown at it, even connecting my phone through it and using it as a cell phone headset.  The only problem I could find with this magnificent headset occurs every so often when you move the microphone. It sounds like your crushing the microphone with your fist and twirling it around your head for half a second. Every other second it works perfectly and is by far the clearest mic I have owned but I’ve experienced  slight issues.

In closing I just want to say that the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ear Force Sentinel Pro headset is by far and away the best Headset I have ever wrapped my hands around. Its beyond comfortable for long gaming sessions, sounds like a choir of angels singing in your ears (or band of roving demons rampaging just behind you out of sight depending on what game your playing) and its versatility is unparalleled. The Earforce Sentinel Pro headset is worth any serious gamers time and although it rocks a 250 dollar price tag, this tournament grade headset is well worth the money. Turtle beach proves yet again that they can build one hell of a headset and The Sentinel Pro sets a new standard of excellence for gaming headsets.


  • Richard Booth

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