Sony Plots Revenge

Following a not so mutual breakup between Nintendo and Sony, Ken Kutaragi visited Sony Chairman Norio Ohga and explained that the proposed Super Nintendo/Sony CD console was now abandoned by Nintendo. Kutaragi explained that rather than create just a CD drive, Sony had the capabilities to create the entire console. Read more…

By Richard Booth, ago

Blizzard Announces it’s Latest Overwatch Character

Blizzard has announced the newest member of it’s Overwatch cast of characters. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Brigitte Lindholm     Brigitte Lindholm is the daughter of renowned swedish engineer and Overwatch Co-Founder Torbjörn Lindholm. She is also god daughter and squire/protégé to the mighty German Crusader Reinhardt. Surrounded by brave Read more…

By RJ Hillman, ago