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Have you ever thought it would be cool to just play video games for a living? Well in case you didn’t know you totally can. reports that professional Super Smash Bros. player Gonzalo Barrios, aka ZeRo, currently has a $500 bounty on his head after 34 consecutive wins in the 1v1 category tournament.

     That’s right; Gonzalo Barrios is a professional video game player. Originally from Chile, Barrios now resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is known for appearing at tournaments wearing a scarf. According to e-Sports Earnings, it is estimated that Barrios has made about $13,706.22 from participating in video game tournament competitions. Barrios, who has used the gamertag ZeRo since 2005, has reportedly won every single 1v1 category tournament in Super Smash Bros. since November of last year.

     In response to ZeRo’s seemingly unstoppable momentum, the fighting game tournament known as the Community Effort Orlando or CEO tournament originally offered a $250 bounty to anyone who could defeat Barrios and end his unprecedented reigning championship. The bounty was soon raised to $500 by the owner of, according to Barrios will be participating in the CEO tournament this coming June where either he will maintain his status as 1v1 category champion or a new champion will be crowned and will claim the $500 bounty.

     When the bounty was announced on twitter by @CEOGaming Barrios quickly responded, tweeting, “Hell no, Not letting this happen.”

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