Witcher 3 Dev Promises Fix


Polish video game developer CD Projeckt Red recently released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to rave reviews last week on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, a few users have run into a save game glitch that causes players to lose hours of progress and renders them unable to save their progress in their playthrough. While problems such as this have been found on the PC and PlayStation 4 systems, issues are most prevalent on the Xbox One console.

Losing hours of progress in anything is never fun, specifically in an open-world video game where every nook and cranny of a virtual world can be explored. In a response, developer CD Projeckt Red has released a lot of useful advice in regard as to how to avoid such glitches and in some cases how to remedy any instances where the glitch has popped up during a playthrough of their title.

Some of these solutions involve removing the power source from the console, and waiting two minutes in order to perform a hard reset of the system. Other solutions involve going in the system data and editing or deleting files at the expense of progress in the game.

CD Projeckt Red has promised that an upcoming patch will fix this issue, as well as minor fixes to the games infrastructure. As of this writing, the PlayStation

PS4 and Xbox One have received a patch for  framerate issues, but another patch will be coming to solve the game save glitch.

While it would be great if developers could release their games without problems, that is entirely unrealistic as unforeseen issues can happen at any time. It’s great that CD Projeckt Red is looking to solve this issue as quickly as possible.

  • Richard Booth

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