The State of Evolve(PC)

Evolve had an amazing start back in February, however the PC player base has been rapidly declining.  According to Steam Charts there are currently only 623 players inhabiting the PC world of Evolve. There has been a lot of people saying that because of this small playerbase the game is dead, or at least mortally wounded.

I think that Evolve is going to be slimed down to a very committed player base and, opposed to what others have proclaimed, be much more fun to play. Sure there are not that many people playing on PC, but Evolve is a game that really only needs 5 players to excel. Besides this game is built for competitive play, and a more committed player base can only help in this department.

I have played Evolve almost everyday since launch, I am addicted…and it’s awesome. Back in February the hipe was extreme and pulled in an impressive 27,000 players on PC alone. However my best, most self rewarding matches have been during the time with less than 1000 players on. Hunters are good at their roles and Monsters present a thrilling challenge. Fighting a boss, in this case a player controlled monster, should feel like a challenge. Every memorable boss fight has a great degree of challenge and Evolveā€™s diet has allowed the challenge to rise, and with it the thrill.

Evolve on PC is still alive, and in my opinion improved. I realize that Evolve has lost a great deal of players due to various reasons I won’t mention in this article, yet it looks better thinned down.

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