The Future of Turtle Beach

The Future of Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach has been the pinnacle of gaming headsets for a while now and that time has allowed multiple companies to challenge the Turtle Beach reign, but to no avail. Now, for the first time, Turtle Beach has decided to make the jump into the PC market with ergonomic and innovative keyboards, mice, and other gaming peripherals. , and in retaliation, Turtle Beach has announced a new chain of exciting devices.

Keyboards are the portal to a capacitive virtual world that many companies, including Turtle Beach, have attempted to rule. In that spirit, Turtle Beach has announced its main gladiators in this defense; the Impact 700, 500, and 100. The Impact 700 features 104 customizable illuminated keys, a six-key rollover coupled with full anti-ghosting, a steel reinforced chassis, and two USB 2.0 ports w/audio pass-through. (As well as gaming caps, both installed and extra) The Impact 700 will be priced at $199.95, a higher price for higher quality and features.

Some gamers want a more compact keyboard. The Impact 500 achieves a happy medium between performance and size with an 84-key layout and is priced at $129.95. This keyboard also features many aspects of the 700 but in a more compact layout without illuminated keys.

The Impact 100 is the budget gamers’ favorite coming in at only $59.95. This keyboard features an emulated mechanical feel over a 104 nonlighted key layout. There is a 30-key rollover w/ full anti-ghosting here. The drop in price is largely due to the lack of illumination and a genuine metallic feel. All gamers from casual all the way up to sponsored professionals will find a suitable keyboard in Turtle Beach’s new lineup whether it be the 700,500 or 100.

Mice can make a game and as such many companies utilize their resources to create the must-have mouse to rule them all. Turtle Beach wants gamers to default to their devices and with their proven track record it is hard to see why that wouldn’t be the case.

The choice is made even easier with the inclusion of the Grip 500 Laser Gaming Mouse, and the Grip 300 Optical Gaming Mouse. The Grip 500 features a comfortable 7-button scroll-wheel mouse, independently adjustable DPI settings (as high as 8200 DPI), Omron Switches, and Avago 9800 laser sensors. These features make this mouse hard to beat, and to seal the deal Turtle Beach has decided to include their amazing PC gaming software which utilizes up to 50 macros w/ up to 100 commands each.

Performance is not everything to some gamers and Turtle Beach realizes that style can be an important selling point for some potential buyers. The Grip 500’s 16.8 million possible color options for the scroll wheel demonstrate this effectively. This mouse will retail $69.95. Price is a concern for many gamers, and as such Turtle Beach has announced the budget-friendly Grip 300 optical gaming mouse. Ringing in at just $39.95 it is hard to believe this mouse features a 5-button scroll-wheel, Avago 3050 optical sensors, Omron switches, adjustable mouse speeds, and a stylish red illuminated scroll-wheel.

A mouse needs a sufficient mouse pad to really show its stripes. Turtle Beach realizes this and has announced two new solutions. The Drift Fast Microfiber Mousepad, and the Traction Textured Control Surface Mousepad. Both mouse pads will cost you somewhere between $14.95 and $34.95, and the similarities don’t end there. Both are constructed of High-quality microfiber surface, both come in three sizes, and both feature anti-frey safety features. The most notable difference is the fact that the Traction Mousepad is home to a textured surface, making every mouse movement more precise and deliberate. The Drift Mousepad features a slick, easy-to-use surface. In this scenario, the needs of the gamer will determine which mousepad is purchased. The amazing thing is Turtle Beach saw gamers wanting something different and gave them more. They gave them options to keep all gamers happy!

All of these innovative Turtle Beach products will be available in the retail market on or before April 10, 2015.

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