Super Smash Bros. Is Getting Something Big

CEO 2015 (Community Effort Orlando 2015) consists of gaming tournaments that take place in June. This year the even starts on June 26th and ends on June 28th. CEO gaming said that “something big” will be coming to the event with Super Smash Bros.


At CEO 2015, which takes place in Orlando, Florida, they will be hosting tournaments for a myriad of games including Super Smash Bros for Wii U. The latest trailer released by CEO elicited the question of why Super Smash Bros. wasn’t part of it. The response by CEO was, “to be continued… As the trailer says. Smash has something big coming to #CEO2015. Next Trailer.”


To possibly add further hype to CEO’s response, in last month’s 1.0.6 update of the 3DS version, fans found two sound clips for Ryu. The well known Street Fighter character was found in a datamine of the update files. Since Ultra Street Fighter 4 is one of the games listed for CEO 2015, let the speculation run rampant. Evidence of Roy, a veteran character of Super Smash Bros., being added once more the roster was also found.


Lets hope the next trailer whets the appetites of Super Smash Bros. fans; Since it is currently unknown when we will see the next trailer, I will certainly be keeping an eye out for it. What we do know is that Nintendo has already stated that they have plans to release more DLC for the game. At the moment though, we only have the current trailer.


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  • Richard Booth

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