Sledgehammer Games to Update Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games has announced that they will update Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sometime in March.

The new features will introduce new ways to level up and earn rewards via a game update. Gamers will be able to max out their characters with features like Master Prestige Ranks, new and creative ways to earn 15 Elite Loot Weapons and the Master Prestige Gear Set.

The new Master Prestige and Grand Master Prestige Character Gear Set allows max prestige players the chance to rank up even more and earn XP. To become a Master Prestige, players must reach prestige through all 15 ranks. Once 15th prestige is reached players must earn one additional prestige. This final prestige will allow players to enter Master Prestige. Player XP will then be reset, however all challenge statuses will remain the same.

Are you a high level Prestige or Master Prestige and upset because Elite Loot Weapons seem impossible to come by? If so, then Sledgehammer has got some great news! There are now new ways to earn 15 Elite Loot Weapons. Each time a player prestiges in Master Prestige, specific Elite Loot Weapons are unlocked. Details are shown in the photo below.

Reaching Rank 15 of Master Prestige earns players a new title, Grand Master Prestige. When a player achieves this, they will receive the exclusive Grand Master Prestige Gear Set. The Set has purple royalty camo and accented with gunmetal.

Sledgehammer Games issued a statement on its’ blog saying that “We’re always here and listening to your feedback and Grand Master Prestige is just one example of what positive community feedback can lead to.”

Source: Sledgehammer Games Blog

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