Rumor: Nintendo NX is a Powerhouse

According to multiple sources, Nintendo has begun to distribute development kits for their next console, code-named “NX,” to developers and rumor has it that the machine is a monster.

One developer representative who claims to be familiar with the situation says that the device will include a console and at least one mobile device, although it’s not yet clear what that device will be used for.

Another intriguing piece to this is that the device will include “industry-leading” chips. One source claims that some of the demonstration software Nintendo sent with the kit compiles so much data at once that industry-leading consoles XBox One and Playstation 4 wouldn’t be able to handle it.

These rumurs are in line with others that began in mid-2014 when rumors began to fly about a new console and handheld from Nintendo code-named “Fusion Terminal” and “Fusion DS,” respectively. This rumor also included specs that are on par with what developers are saying.

If these rumors are true it will be a step back to the beginning of the console life of Nintendo. The original Famicom (NES as it was known in North America) was developed by Masayuki Uemura under very strict instruction from Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi that who create a system that “other companies cannot copy for at least one year.*” Adding that “It must be so much better that there will be no question which system the customers will want.*” If the rumored power of NX is true, it looks like that’s what Nintendo will pull off again over 30 years later.

*Sheff, David. Game Over: How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry, Captured your Dollars and Enslavded your Children. New York, NY: Random House: 1993

  • Richard Booth

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