Editorial: Gaming; All About Fun

My hope in writing this article is to get everyone together in the name of gaming. No matter what the type be it PC, Playstation, XBox or anything in between I have noticed a lot of times that when looking at articles in the past in other game feeds people belittle one another due to whatever system that they are particular about. I myself have had all of them but I currently enjoy Playstation 4 while my kids are into Xbox One and PC.

Does that make me mad? No.

I know that I prefer Playstation because I’ve always used that brand but by no means does that mean it is better than the other options out there. Gaming to me has more closely come to represent people in general; There are people that we like and others we would prefer not to associate with. Whatever reason that might be, it does not make that person bad or good, it just makes them someone whom you’d prefer or not refer to hang out with.

Why bring hate to the game just because they are exclusive to one system? Why do people get into arguments over such foolish things instead of embracing the differences and the progress that each one brings to the industry? The video game industry for the most part is a “me too” industry and every company learns something from each other. To gamers decide to be particular to one company, great for you just as my choice is for the PlayStation 4 but I realize the potential from PC and Xbox One to mobile gaming that when new technology comes from either, it benefits the entire gaming world.

Instead of all of the trolling, we truly need to embrace one another and just enjoy the love of games and what they bring to our lives; you get to play whatever role the game offers and it immerses you into a world that is amazing and infinite. Games should bring people together and when you have one for a system that is not on another system it can open up a world of dialect as if you had not played it I could tell you the tale and the same with you, I used to play Halo and loved it but I rarely touch my boy’s system, but they have such a love of telling me what is going on in their game, with the wonder of a child’s eyes.

Games have even been proven to get the creative juices flowing, improve hand-eye coordination, and even help improve skills in our military and law enforcement agencies. Gaming has also become similar to the movie world in its storytelling; people like you and I play a game and fall in love with the story, character, and world. That character can then become legendary while facing overwhelming circumstances. I don’t know about you but to me that is amazing that games have such a far reach.

I remember the first time that I played the original God of War. It really dragged me deep into the gameplay because you felt the pain that Kratos felt (the game’s main character) when he was betrayed and coerced into killing his own family. I could feel the vengeance he longed for in his heart for those who caused him to commit such acts against those he loved the most. The story brought real emotion to a game for the first time because I felt like I  would have felt the same way in that situation; losing the very thing I loved the most, my own loved ones. Another great example is being free in a sandbox type of game, there is no greater feeling of being what you want and doing what you feel, free of guilt for the most part because once in a while you play a sandbox game and it gets you so into the story that you have to make the best possible decision and some of those decisions are hard choices if you are really involved in the game, take for example Fallout 3 when you can either detonate the bomb or defuse it and let the people of Megaton live.

We can all learn a thing or two from one another from playing different games for different systems and really get into a deep conversation, even though the ones who are not gamers do not understand how one can be pulled so deep into a world far from reality, but it opens up ones own mind. Let’s put our differences aside by not separating ourselves; instead, let’s become a family of gamers and support one another no matter which platform we support or like most.

Instead of dividing, there is a huge opportunity to pull each other closer as fans of the industry. I’m fully aware that also by sharing my opinion I could attract more trolls instead of love, but I wanted to put myself out there and see what people think and what they feel. My hope is that this may have opened up a place between us all; a place of unbiased love for the entire video game industry.

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