Peripheral Review: Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Headset

I’ve reviewed many Turtle Beach headsets and given many great scores, but some of these headsets have been tested in the office, not battle tested in the environment they were meant to be used in.

This review corrects that. The Elite Atlas was tested by a high school eSports team playing in nationwide Overwatch matches. Each student was asked their opinion of the device quality, and the feedback was unanimous. These are the devices they’d all choose to take into battle.

The Elite Atlas has features noise cancellation in their fabric-wrapped Aerofit™ ear cushions that is usually found in only the highest end headsets. The players sat less than three feet from each other and could only hear each other through in-game chat. The arena they played in had little sound insulation, so there was also an echo in the room. No concerns of ambient sound. This is all thanks to the 50mm Nanoclear™ over-ear speakers.

The Truspeak™ Technology mic provided crystal clear sound with no pops or static, and the sound ambience allowed for superior gameplay because of the players’ ability to hear which direction opponents were approaching from.

Comfort is huge in competitive gaming, and the Floating metal headband allowed for a very comfortable fit with a very light feel on the head. I’m not sure I’ll ever figure out how they pulled that off. These headsets are worn for hours at a time, and not one player complained of discomfort.

We feature a Rocket League team as well. We used a competitor’s headset for the first five matches, then switched to the Elite Atlas for the final five matches. The team went 2-3 using the competitor headset and 5-0 when using the Elite Atlas. The difference? They could hear the other players loud and clear outside the game as well as in game chat. They found this very distracting and commented that they may have well not been wearing headsets at all. Utilizing the Elite Atlas, they had the same experience as the Overwatch team had. No outside noise, crystal clear audio and a greater ability to anticipate opponents because of their awareness found in the directional audio.

The Elite Atlas also features removable plates which can be purchase from Turtle Beach.

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is a must have for competitive gaming. We’ve recommended them to other schools and all have had the same experience.

Turtle Beach knocked it out of the park with this one. Don’t miss out.

  • Richard Booth

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Review Performed using an Elite Atlas Headset Provided by Turtle Beach
  • Audio
  • Voice Clarity
  • Comfort
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