Game Review: Screamride (XBox One)

 ScreamRide is not at all what I expected. It also is unlike any game I’ve ever played. Does that mean it sucked? No. It’s a great game to pick up and play if you’ve got a few minutes at a time to kill.

The game consists of two modes; campaign and a sandbox. The campaign is broken down into six zones that are environmentally different. In each of the six zones there are three sub-levels and you are able to play the first sub-level in each zone but the other two can only be unlocked by achieving the correct level.

When I started to play ScreamRide I thought it would be a park simulator but that’s not it at all. ScreamRide felt more like a racing game of sorts. The levels start out simple enough. You are at a stop light and when the light turns green you GO! Each race consists of three laps and your goal is to gather as many booster power ups as you can. The faster you finish the level the higher your score. Achieving the highest score for the level can be done a couple ways; there are goals for each level and if you complete and if you complete them you earn bonus points at the end of the level. This adds a challenging factor to the game because some of these goals aren’t easy to complete.

I enjoyed the campaign for ScreamRide and again, if you have a few minutes to pick it up and play I highly recommend it.

Sandbox mode is a creator mode which allows you to build your own rollercoaster. I had a

difficult time using sandbox mode and that is because I am so used to mouse and

keyboard. That’s not to say that pc is superior, but I have a much easier time playing a creator

game such as Rollercoaster Tycoon on a PC than with a controller. That said, it

doesn’t take anything away from sandbox mode. It offers a ton in the way of customization from the get go and you can unlock more parts for sandbox mode that allow for so much more

customization by completing goals in campaign mode.

ScreamRide is a very enjoyable experience and I recommend everyone try it out. It’s super-accessible because it blends the best elements of simulation games with the fast pace of racing games and let’s face it, who doesn’t love racing games? 

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