Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo Impressions (3DS)

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo Impressions (3DS)

By Justin Jaeger

I would like to start out this review and state that I am and have been a huge Monster Hunter fan from the beginning. I have been playing every available Monster Hunter Capcom has released for the U.S. With that being said this game is amazing. Though this is just the demo you still are given a good feel as to how the whole game is going to play out. The demo offers both beginner and experienced mode. In experienced there are three levels of difficulty beginner, intermediate and advanced. I played through them all and the monster that you are facing is the only part that separates the difficulties.

When it comes to the overall controls your hunter seems to be more agile. What I mean by that is you can climb much fast then before and now players now have the ability to jump off ledges on the monster, which I feel is incredible. I may be speaking for myself when I say this but I think everyone has wanted this from Monster Hunter at some point. It’s a completely new tactic that is essential to the fight and proves to be very effective as well.

Capcom has been great about adding new weapons into each Monster Hunter game. In MH4 they have added new weapons such as an insect named Glaive and a charge blade. I played through the game a few times using these weapons and I must say they are extremely useful. They insect glaive gives you four self buffs speed, attack, defense, and health. You are also able to use the glaive to jump into the air to either escape and attack or attack a monster in the air and knock it to the group.

The charge blade was my favorite out of the two to use. It combines fast attacking with a blocking ability and can be switched around just like the switch axe for powerful attacks. I found the best use of the weapon is the sword and shield mode until you fill up your element and then switching over to the axe mode for lethal blows using the full power of your element. I found this weapon to be very well rounded for any encounter due to its ability to attack fast and block in the sword mode.

The demo also introduces two of the new monsters to the MH4 series. Tetsucabra is a more moderate monster and wasn’t very hard to fight but the Gore Magala was more difficult. Both were extremely fun to fight and look amazing. Capcom has also promised more monsters that have yet to be announced.

Capcom has done it again with another amazing addition to the Monster Hunter series and I can’t wait for it to release on February 13th

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