During the Game Awards 2017, Hazelight co-founder Josef Fares took the stage to show new gameplay footage from Hazelight’s new title A Way Out. What happened next has become video game folklore.

“F..k the Oscars!!”

“This is the s..t! I’m telling you — this is, this is the real s..t!”

“Look, the Oscars should f..k themselves up,”

“It’s very hard to control. When I get excited, it’s like — it’s hard to control. Like, it’s almost like: In my head I want to say something, but my mouth, it kind of, like, takes out everything.”

“There are, like, passionate people, there are crazy people and there is me.”

RJ Hillman

RJ Hillman

RJ began his gaming adventures with the GameCube around 2005. He has been gaming since then and found his passion is in PC gaming. He especially enjoys role-playing, real-time strategy and adventure games. Overwatch is his title of choice, and R.J. covers news topics for PC hardware and software. RJ loves games and the community; his writing reflects that.