Josef Fares Steals the Show

Josef Fares Steals the Show

During the Game Awards 2017, Hazelight co-founder Josef Fares took the stage to show new gameplay footage from Hazelight’s new title A Way Out. What happened next has become video game folklore.

“F..k the Oscars!!”

“This is the s..t! I’m telling you — this is, this is the real s..t!”

“Look, the Oscars should f..k themselves up,”

“It’s very hard to control. When I get excited, it’s like — it’s hard to control. Like, it’s almost like: In my head I want to say something, but my mouth, it kind of, like, takes out everything.”

“There are, like, passionate people, there are crazy people and there is me.”

  • RJ Hillman

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