Raph Koster on the Value of Video Games

Game designer and author Raph Koster has worked on many classic titles including Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest 2 and wrote the critically-acclaimed novel “A Theory of Fun for Game Design,” a book covering game design and how games should be treated as “Edutainment”. Raph believes games can be used to teach us real world skills like teamwork and communication skills while still begin fun.

“That’s what games are, in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning.”

-Raph Koster, author of “A Theory of Fun for Game Design.”


  • RJ Hillman

    RJ began his gaming adventures with the GameCube around 2005. He has been gaming since then and found his passion is in PC gaming. He especially enjoys role-playing, real-time strategy and adventure games. Overwatch is his title of choice, and R.J. covers news topics for PC hardware and software. RJ loves games and the community; his writing reflects that.

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