Hardware Review: Turtle Beach Traction Gaming Mousepad

GamesRelated wraps up Turtle Beach week with a review of the Traction gaming mousepad!

A lot of people are going to ask “Why would you review a mousepad?” Originally we were going to incorporate it into the mouse review but this mousepad warrants its own review!

The design of the Traction gaming mousepad is to be applauded. This has to be the best mousepad I have ever used and it looks amazing. Turtle Beach has added a high quality weave surface for incredible control. To that end I usually stay away from shooters when I play PC because I can’t seem to stay on target with the mouse, but this mousepad changed that. I am now having a great time playing any shooter I can get my hands on.

The anti-slip rubber base ensures that your pad isn’t constantly moving all over the place while you play. It is also built to last with anti-fraying stitched edges. The Traction mousepad is put together very well and I would highly recommend it to all gamers for any genre of game.

The Traction gaming mousepad comes in four sizes – medium, large, extra large and wide. I tested out the extra large and it’s a respectful size. Having a larger surface area to move the mouse within made my game control spot on.

Overall Turtle Beach has done a fantastic job with the Traction gaming mousepad. They do make another variant of this mousepad called the Drift Fast Microfiber mousepad and by the sounds of it I am sure it’s for a much faster-paced gaming style. If you are having mousepad issues I would take a look at either of the two and try them out!


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