Do you want a compact, quality mechanical gaming keyboard? Yes? Then the CM Storm Quick Fire TK is for you.

The Quick Fire TK features a unique, compact design and full backlighting in either blue, red or white depending on which switches you choose. Speaking of switches, the TK comes with quality Cherry MX switches which provide users with improved performance and durability. 

Cooler Master has obviously spent a lot of time and effort perfecting this keyboard. Although small, the TK doesn’t falll short when it comes to features. The compact design includes a full keypad block with navigation and command keys as well as seven multi-media buttons for quick access. Each key is UV coated to provide durability and includes an embedded steel plate which significantly improves the stability and feel of the keyboard. 

The removable braided cable and n-key rollover mode as well as windows lock key show that Cooler Master really had gamers in mind when they designed the Quick Fire TK.

Perfect for your desk or at a LAN tournament, the CM Storm Quick Fire TK is a gamers dream.

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Richard Booth

Richard Booth

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