Crashing Back to PS4!

Could it be? Could one of the greatest video games be coming back?

A possible Crash Bandicoot game could be making its way back to PS4 this November. The image above was leaked a few days ago and has caused a lot of speculation amongst fans.  A few things to notice: the first, the iconic silhouette of Crash himself. You can also see a date of November 24, 2015 and the phrase “He will rise again.” The bottom you’ll also notice the PS4 logo, which hints where he’ll be headed. Another thing to note is the Naughty Dog symbol. Chances are this could be a fake photo considering Naughty Dog just released Uncharted 4. It isn’t likely that this company was working on both games at the same time. But there is still the chance, and definitely hope on my part, that this could indeed be a real photo. I think this could be a really smart move by both Playstation and Naughty Dog. The original Crash games came out in 1996, which means most people who played are in their 20s right now. Not only would they get new fans of the game, but all of the kids who grew up with Crash as well. Could it be possible that maybe a remastered version will be coming it or is the chance that Naughty Dog has been working on an all new story all along more likely? The only way to find out is to wait for E3 to come around. 

  • Richard Booth

    Rich has been involved in the gaming industry for over ten years, working with such companies as Jace Hall ShowTwin Galaxies and Nintendojo. He began GamesRelated in order to bring positivity to gaming journalism. Much of what is out today is completely negative, and GR aims to be the place where that stops and the news is simply reported.

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