Bionic Commando Insults Players

Bionic Commando Insults Players

Bionic Commando, an NES game developed by Capcom and released in 1988, is a game full of oddities. The gameplay features a military-style world in which an unnamed super soldier (named Nathan Spencer in remakes and a 2009 reboot), makes his way through a war zone via a grappling hook and multiple weapons.

As the game progresses, the challenges increase, and so do the insults, ending in an Adolf Hitler doppelganger cursing at the player prior to the final battle. One quote from an enemy soldier, however, stands out from even that.

In area 16, Bionic Commando’s protagonist comes across an NPC whom he can speak to. This is where the most legendary line from the game occurs. Upon approaching the enemy soldier, the player is told “Get the heck out of here you nerd!” This, however, is a censored version of a phrase that is told in the Japanese version. The insult in that title may be worse; “Smelly guy! Get out of here!”

We believe we’d rather be called a nerd than accused of being smelly. You’ve got to love translations.

  • Richard Booth

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