Review: DUSK (PlayStation 4)

Review: DUSK (PlayStation 4)

DUSK is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, which offers a unique blend of old-school graphics and modern gameplay mechanics. This first-person shooter game captures the essence of classic shooters while infusing it with contemporary elements to create an engaging and enjoyable experience. First introduced as a Windows title in 2018, Dusk has made its way to other platforms over the years, and now it’s found its way to PlayStation 4.

The visual style of DUSK is a standout feature, reminiscent of the pixelated graphics seen in past titles such as Doom. The retro aesthetic adds some charm and a sense of authenticity to the game. This would be a call to gamers who have priceless memories of early 3D shooters. While this visual style may not be everyone’s favorite cup of joe, developer David Szymanski has successfully married old-school graphics with modern gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, DUSK revolves around shooting your way through enemies of different types, uncovering secrets and weapons, and looting items to progress through the story. The level design is a maze-like feel, again paying homage to the older layouts of classic shooters. Exploring each level is not just about advancing the story, but also discovering hidden areas, which there is no lack of.

Let’s talk about some weapons! DUSK has a variety of weapons that offer a variety of cool and satisfying firearms such as a crossbow, hunting rifle, a variety of pistols, and shotguns. We can’t stress this enough; it brings that nostalgia factor from classic shooters. Each weapon feels unique, and experimenting with them adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

The storyline, which is an area of opportunity for DUSK, serves the purpose of frantic action but doesn’t provide a feel for the protagonist or world. In this sense, it feels old school in a way that may turn some players away. However, for gamers who love fast-paced shooting, looting, and exploration, DUSK strikes a good balance.

DUSK calls players who love the golden era of shooters. With its Doom-inspired graphics, fun shooting mechanics, and level design, It successfully blends nostalgia with modern elements, offering a unique experience for both veterans and newcomers. David Szymanski has created a title that looks dated, but with DUSK, but because of the variety of weapons, enemies, modern controls, and plentiful world, that’s not a bad thing.

NOTE: DUSK is also playable on PlayStation 5, but does come with a disclaimer that some features that are available for PlayStation 4 may not be available on PlayStation 5. While we didn’t notice any differences in content, please note that there is a possibility of differences as the game updates.

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