With the ever growing anticipation for Grand Theft Auto V to release on the PC April 14th, many gamers were asking themselves “what will Rockstar add to make the wait worth it?” I think Rockstar has answered that question with their newest feature, Rockstar Editor. 

Also included in Rockstar Editor is the ability to upload your complete videos to Youtube as well as the Rockstar Social Club.

Rockstar Editor incorporates a video creation tool with special camera modes, filter, depth of feild and audio customization. Be ready to throw on the director cap because with Director Mode players will have the ability to stage movie-making sequences in-game. Players can choose cast members ranging from familiar characters throughout the story such as pedestrians and animals. 

Rockstar Editor will be available on April 14th along with the release of GTA V on PC. 

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Richard Booth

Richard Booth

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