Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard shared more highly anticipated information on Heroes of Warcraft. On March 6th, a brand new challenge for duelists with a certain degree of hubris. Players will be forced to acclimate to their new war zone, Blackrock Mountain, or die trying. Players will find themselves in a war between powerful forces hoping to control the mountain. Blizzard is now including many new bosses for duelists to achieve hard fought victory over. They have introduced enemies such as Dark Iron Dwarves, numerous elementals, and also fire breathing dragons. These new foes will definitely challenge players; however, Blizzard went one excellent step further and included enemies from the Warcraft universe. Ragnaros the Firelord is one example of a challenge that is now cross game. Anyone who achieves victory over these frightening villains will be rewarded with a plentiful 31 new cards specific to the legendary Blackrock Mountain. 

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now available on PC, Mac, and Windows, Android and IPad tablets. The Mountain will be revealed wing by wing over the course of a month. These wings will be available for either 700 in-game gold per wing or $6.99 per wing. However, if you would like to buy the full adventure at one time, you can with a expense of $24.99.

Hearthstone: Heroes of warcraft Black Mountain expansion was released on April 2nd.

For more information visit the official Hearstone: Heroes of Warcraft site.

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