FarCry 4 Review (PS 4)

By: Roger Anderson

Please note that I have not sampled the multiplayer.

Far Cry is one of those series that seems to get better with every new entry and the fourth installment is absolutely no exception.

The story is amazing and loaded with twists the gameplay is both fun and creative. Players take on the role of a hero whose father grew up in a foreign land and in the games’ first head spin you are ambushed by an old friend of your parents who seek to win you over. It’s not long before players realize that this man is a mad man.

I’ve put about 30 hours into the game so far and the first thing players will notice is that The scenery is beautiful and breathtaking, not to mention silky smooth, running at a solid 60 frames per second. I’ve spent all of my time playing through the main campaign and side missions and I still haven’t touched everything in the game. There is an extensive list of vehicles and weapons, the latter of which can be upgraded by hunting wild animals.

Far Cry 4 does not disappoint in the gameplay department either. Players can use the meat from animals that they have hunted such as tigers, bears or even honey badgers as bait to distract guards or have those guards mauled to death. The enemy A.I is designed well, which is becoming rare in this industry. They will team up to engage their enemies and also strategically flank players by surrounding you and will even run you over in their vehicle.

Speaking of vehicles, there are various modes of transportation range from trucks to cars, four wheelers and even a makeshift and hang glider to traverse the vast landscape.

FPS fans should expect a game that is far different from the Call of Duty and Battlefield series and while the variety of vehicles is more extensive in other titles such as Grand Theft Auto, the title stands out on its own with the beautiful open world that actually lends a lot to the gameplay instead of being simply a sandbox to run around in.

Even with the vast amount of content included out of the box, the future DLC coming down the pipe will bring even more value to the title.

I’ve been a fan of the Far Cry series for a while now and this is installment tops just about all of them. Definitely a must buy.

  • Richard Booth

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