DINOSAURS – Mission Dino Camp Coming to Consoles and PC

Wild River Games announced Dinosaurs: Mission Dino Camp, a title based on the popular line of children’s toys by Schleich, is available today.

In Dinosaurs: Mission Dino Camp, players are tasked with protecting dinosaurs from lava spewing from a volcanic eruption. In this semi-open world, players will explore a jungle filled with a variety of locations such as villages and temples. In addition, gameplay moves between exploration and platforming. Players can choose to traverse the map either on foot or utilizing Team Dino vehicles such as the jeep and quad.

Jack, the game’s protagonist, will tranquilize or taze dinosaurs to avoid attack, then once taken back to the Team Dino base, will heal them using ingredients gathered from the world to craft medicines. Puzzle-solving is also an element, as Jack may need to construct items, access locked areas, and other mysteries.

Dinosaurs: Dino Mission Camp is available today for the PlayStation family of consoles, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Please note that the Nintendo Switch version is only available via the Nintendo eShop.


  • Richard Booth

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