Deep Silver Resurrects TimeSplitters Series Along with its Developer

Game developer/publisher Deep Silver has announced via Twitter that once Crytek-owned formerly defunct developer Free Radical Design will be resurrected as a first party studio under the Deep Silver umbrella.

Along with that announcement comes the news that the TimeSplitters series will also return and will be overseen by game Co-founders of the original Free Radical Design studio Steve Ellis and David Doak.

No details were shared other than development on the newest entry in the TimeSplitters series has not yet begun, and there will be more news in the future.

TimeSplitters is a first-person shooter series which draws comparisons to classic games such as Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark, but with the twist of time travel which covers a vast number of periods throughout history. The last entry in the series, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, was released in March of 2005.

Source: Deep Silver Twitter Page

  • Richard Booth

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