Al Alcorn and Explains the Need for Preservation

During a 2015 interview with Games, Atari Co-Founder Al Alcorn mentioned the importance of and current state of gaming preservation. He showed concern for the industry in this matter because there’s no central location for such a thing.

“It always amazes me how much interest there is in this stuff. And because of that, a lot of the real artifacts are getting spread thin, in places that aren’t real museums. In some sense, I think the industry’s doing too much, where everybody thinks they’re a historian. And they can damage the field by doing that, by not really curating properly what they’ve got, by not making it available for others to look at. So there are places where I think it could do better.”

  • Richard Booth

    Rich has been involved in the gaming industry for over ten years, working with such companies as Jace Hall ShowTwin Galaxies and Nintendojo. He began GamesRelated in order to bring positivity to gaming journalism. Much of what is out today is completely negative, and GR aims to be the place where that stops and the news is simply reported.

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