“A video game is a piece of art and it deserves to be treated as such.”

“In my mind anyone who thinks differently is ignoring the fact that hundreds of people pour thousands of hours over a period of years to bring one game to life. They dedicate their life to it at the risk of their personal well-being in order to bring their collective vision to life. I can’t think of a single toy factory that has done the same.”

That is what GamesRelated is all about. We believe that the people who make video games are artists. They deserve as much attention and appreciation as the games they make. That is where we come in. We appreciate those who pioneered this multi-billion dollar industry as well as those who carry the torch today.

At GamesRelated you will sometimes find the same news stories that you could find everywhere else, but our main focus is to bring attention to the people in the industry and share our thoughts on hardware, software, books and film related to gaming.

GamesRelated; We believe in what we do and we work as hard as we can to bring our vision to you. This is a company brought to you by gamers, for gamers.

-Richard Booth

Owner and Founder